Amun Ini Dive boasts its oversized briefing and equipment facility, well-suited to professional photographers and videographers large camera room. We have 2 guided dives in the morning and in the afternoon, a mandarin dive at 5 pm and night dive at 6pm. If you’re diving with children below 15 years old, please enquire about safety considerations. We need an advance notification if you’d like to book a course, hire equipment, or engage the services of a private guide. As we are in a remote location, safety is our priority, so we don’t allow deco, solo dives, or dives deeper than 30 meters. Above all, as we understand that it is our duty to protect this pristine and healthy marine environment, we have implemented a no-touching policy for all snorkelers and divers.

Located on the east end of Bohol Island, Amun Ini is far from some of the more crowded tourist destinations. We are known for our quiet, white-sand beaches, our vast and abundant amazing dive sites all located less than 10 minutes from the dive shop, and above all, our awareness for conservation.

Our PADI facility can teach anything from children’s sassy unit experience all the way to Divemaster level. Our PADI IDC partner company Go Pro with a smile handles all our Instructor courses either in Malapascua or Dauin.

Our Part in Protecting The Marine Biodiversity

Together with our 5 in-house marine biologists and divemasters, we have planted over thirty thousand corals and build 60 small artificial reefs to create a new environment for our local critters. The local government body BISU has 5 projects as such throughout the Philippines and conducts surveys each year. According to all studies, the biodiversity has doubled within the past 3 years and our MPA has been the most successful in coral restoration throughout the Philippines with 86% success rate.